The major focus of Show Up! America (SUA) is to encourage you to attend governance meetings; particularly local municipal government, whether you vote or not, are a taxpayer or not, are a resident or not, are a citizen or not.

Government meetings are open to the public as per State Open Meeting Laws as are most of the subcommittees. 

Watching local government at work is a place to become a more informed participant in democratic practices.

Municipal government meetings are required to be open to the public. Unless there is a controversial issue on the agenda there tends to be but a few people in the audience with perhaps a few reporters. There are however interesting phenomena that occur when even just a few more people attend local government meetings. See for yourself!

You are not required to speak or even introduce yourself.

We have provided the research tools for when municipal meetings occur and a method to share this information.

Show Up! America is not a WatchDog Group.   

Show Up! America is US.

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Show Up! America is an Occupy Movement inspired social justice project.